Presentation Runthrough

Tags: Think
Personhours: 9
Presentation Runthrough By Lin, Max, Tycho, Darshan, Jayesh, Omar, Alisa, Ethan, and Evan

Task: Go through presentation with Mr. Gilkes

Our mentor Mr. Gilkes was kind enough to listen to us do a rough presentation run-through at practice. We hadn't looked at the presentation since the competition 2 weeks ago, and it was pretty obvious we were under-practiced. We swiped through the slides before starting to get our bearings.


We started by making sure everyone knew their cues, and had a short flip through before a mock presentation. Throughout the presentation Mr. Gilkes gave us advice on specific aspects of our presentation, such as adding detail on the PID slide, making sure we use the words "integral" and "derivative" to get the judge's attention, maintaining eye-contact throughout, and making sure to point to the robot when discussing parts.

While the specifics were extremely helpful, this exercise showed us that we were extremely out of practice. Many of us left out the most important parts of our slides, like Tycho and the important uses of modelling the robot, Jayesh and how the professional engineers at our Gyro talk gave us tips on IMU's in our price range, etc. It was our presentation that won us the Think award last competition, and it's important we keep our delivery as accurate and on-point as possible.

Date | February 13, 2016