Geb Fixes and Adjustments

Tags: mechanical and Design
Personhours: 6
Geb Fixes and Adjustments By Jayesh, Omar, and Lin

Task: Prepare Geb for competition and get it into running condition

With all of the large projects and events that Iron Reign have been commiting to (with more still to come), we have unfortunately been neglecting Geb and as we came to find a few weeks ago, many of the running parts that give us the majority of points in competition were falling in disrepair. We found that the tape measure system was repeatedly falling out of alignment, the beater bar rungs were getting tangled with each other, and our wire mapping was off in multiple locations. Besides those major problems, we had multiple set screw issues, tread dislocation, and syncing issues with our phones. Going periodically through the problems, we were slowly able to get our robot into its previous condition and replaced multiple older parts that wouldn't have held up in competition.


Finding time to go through and bring Geb back to its previous condition is obviouslly vital for our upcoming UIL competition in Austin. Despite the obvious need for these fixes, we were able to see which mistakes could've been prevented and we made new guidlines to keep up Geb's condition. For example, on our tape measure system, we created a series of marks on each adjoining motor to match up and ensure they don't fall out of alignment. Lin also color coded the opposite sides of all the wires so we wouldn't have to keep tracking from one end to the other when we got confused as to where each wire was supposed to go. Combining this system with the wire map Omar and I had made (as discussed in an earlier post), we should now waste a lot less time on wire management and make major fixes much easier to carry out and finish from now on. With Geb's major part's in pristine condition, we need to focus on autonomous and driver practice for UIL.

Date | July 10, 2016