General Organization Progress

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General Organization Progress By Lin and Janavi

Task: Reduce clutter from summer

We made real progress in sorting the good and dead batteries after UIL, and we've streamlined the charging process. The phones are harder to charge because their cords can disconnect without warning, and they slide around more. If we don't want to waste time in competition, it's important we make the system easy to use and reliable. Janavi and I worked on Powerpole-ing the last few batteries so we could test and charge them, and I made something like a file cabinet for the phones to rest in.


The battery box already has some internal organization, charged batteries in a separate box, to-be-charged in the main section. The phones seem like they'd be easy to keep at maximum, but we've noticed that their cords aren't as reliable, even if we have multiple. Stacking the phones works to keep them charging in a smaller space, but if one in the middle disconnects we can't tell which. Then we have to reconnect each one while listening for a disconnect tone to sound. I used some extra prototyping cardboard to make a row of slots for the phones so we could charge them without them affecting each other. Hopefully this will survive the travel stress and

Date | October 22, 2016