Arkansas Analysis

Tags: team and Think
Personhours: 12
Arkansas Analysis By Lin, Omar, Darshan, Jayesh, Evan, Max, Tycho, Janavi, and Ethan

Task: Analyze what went wrong and right at Arkansas

We spent a good hour and a half analyzing what we needed to do differently at upcoming competitions, and how to better prepare in the upcoming school break.



  • Anti static spray
  • Shorten wires and close wire ends
  • Stabilize USB connections to controllers
  • Cap Ball lift


  • Driver Practice!!
  • Organize sub teams during competition
  • Scouting more and building connections
  • Stay aware and alert, no zoning out while in the pits especially
  • Line up robot based on tile mat seams
  • Control Award checklist done beforehand
  • RV shifts, no more than 1 onboard at a time

Presentation and Presence:

  • Mechanical demos
  • Videos of demos easily available if robot stops cooperating
  • Team costume and cart chariot
  • RV video PSA - Pay it Forward
  • Be more active on Twitter and link videos to judges
  • Have a fundraiser in the neighborhood


The Arkansas competition taught us a lot about the system of success for this years competition. We are ahead in terms of progress relative to other years, now we can focus on scoring elements like the cap ball, along with the presentation.

Date | December 10, 2016