Tent Disassembly

Tags: team
Personhours: 3
Tent Disassembly By Ethan, Omar, and Darshan

Task: Disassemble the tent covering our field

Dallas has been experiencing some bad weather for the past couple of weeks. Unfortunately, our field was outside, with a tent that was supposed to have "protected" it from the elements. That did not happen. When a particularly bad windstorm came, it tore down our tent and ripped holes in the top, so our field tiles were damaged. As well, it snowed/rained later that week, intensifying the damage, and bending the metal posts.

So, today we had to break it down in ~30°F weather. The metal was so bent that we had to cut the tent into pieces to remove it, and ice had frozen over the plastic siding in multiple areas, making it hard to move. There was also snow still on the roof of the tent, so we inadvertently dumped snow onto our field, probably further hurting our tiles.


We need to find a secure way of keeping our field safe. As of now, we are just replacing the tent with another tent, which will most likely just be destroyed in the next windstorm.

Date | January 7, 2017