To Do List Update

Tags: Business and Organization
Personhours: 4
To Do List Update By Tycho, Max, Jayesh, Omar, Janavi, and Evan

Task: Update our To Do List


  • CDIM #2 on right side
  • color and distance sensors on right side
  • ultrasonic sensors
  • can we get rid of distance sensors?
  • omnidirectional travel sensor based on trackball
  • omnidirectional travel sensor based on I2c mouse


  • simplify approach path to wall
  • simplify beacon detection
  • second beacon
  • compute distance before slowing down
  • alt config to bypass a non-working beacon if it's the first
  • pointed at gap between beacons, drive until touching, square with imu, check / adjust distance with ultrasonic

Authonomous with Vision

  • More team members than Tycho study Fixit3491 videos 4 thru 7
  • Integrate OpenCV 3.2 back into app
  • done
  • Integrate Vuforia sample
  • done
  • Get image from Vuforia into OpenCV
  • in progress
  • stuck with bug
  • Camera mount tweaking to get best vision line
  • Does wide angle work with Vuforia configuration
  • Real Vuforia based auto navigation
  • OpenCV beacon analysis from Vuforia beacon localization

Particle Launcher / Flywheel + Rail Type

  • New grippy custom printed flywheel design
  • complete
  • Custom flywheel printed and assembled
  • done
  • 3 versions
  • nylon, open ninjaflex, dense ninjaflex
  • Rail design - done
  • Rail print - done
  • High speed motors - aquired
  • Frame and mount rails, flywheel and motor - in progress
  • Particle Release Gate and Servo mounting
  • Presentation narrative and blog updates - tie in with earlier design iterations

Cap Ball Fork Lift

  • Replace lift spool with double lift+retract spool made from Tetrix track guide wheels
  • Add slides for fork support
  • Add pulleys for retract spool
  • Add deployment servo
  • Fabricate folding fork
  • Figure out fork release by hyperextension
  • Can we retract cleanly?
  • Can we refold? CR servo reeling in a refold line might do the trick.
  • Code to support these capabilities

Journal / Blog Improvements - ADD STUFF HERE

Awards Guidance Sheets - ADD STUFF HERE

Presentation - ADD STUFF HERE

Robot Reveal Video V1 - Shot List

  • Intro Sequence - half second shots of robot driving into frame from overhead, right side, front
  • Mecanum Freedom - high overhead shot of robot going forward, strafing, diagonal, turning
  • Particle Collector - close up short shots of collector running from side and from front
  • Particle Collector - Pulling in a particle - muliple angles (can one of these be done with a dolly shot of moving particle?)
  • Particle POV - camera on mat - robot strafes into view, engages collector and drives over camera until camera is at accumulator lift
  • Particle Collector - shot from under the robot sitting on polycarb, camera under the polycarb at the rear of the robot lookup up, seeing a particle pulled in, guided by funnel and loaded into accumulator
  • Particle Collector - Automatic Opposing Alliance Particle Rejection
  • Particle Collector - Machine Vision Based Automatic Tracking and Collecting Behavior
  • Particle POV - running up accumulator lift - not sure if this is possible without animation
  • Shooting - with flywheel - wide shot of 4 balls coming out
  • Shooting - close up of Particle Release Gate
  • Shooting - close up of Particles cycling through Launcher while off of robot
  • Shooting - close up of Particles landing in the vortex or on an accuracy marker
  • Cap Ball Lift Deployment
  • Cap Ball Lift Capture
  • Cap Ball Lift Raising
  • Cap Ball Lift Depositing
  • Cap Ball Lift Retracting
  • IMU Close up + 90 degree turn + station keeping behavior(on black turntable; make shot from above)
  • Navigation - Calibrated Odometry in both normal drive and strafing
  • Combined high accuracy Heading and Odometry with Trig = absolute field position (close up of telemetry, plus overhead view of a navigation sequence)
  • Autonomous - high speed of entire sequence - replace with machine vision version when available
  • Autonomous - machine vision localization of beacon targets - phone camera capture
  • Autonomous - beacon isolation and analysis - phone camera capture

Connect Reveal Video - Shot List

  • MXP Crane Shot Opening Sequence - what if? theme
  • MXP Walk through - adjusted BT script
  • MXP construction effort
  • MXP outreach event visual scrap book

Connect Reveal Video - Team

  • Who is on this team? Evan leads?
  • Script Team
  • Voiceovers
  • Existing Video Review
  • New shots and slides
  • Editing

  • Date | February 11, 2017