Regional Postmortem

Tags: journal and inspire
Personhours: 10
Regional Postmortem By Ethan, Lin, Austin, Jayesh, Omar, Darshan, Max, and Tycho

Task: Analyse what we did right and wrong at regionals



  • Detailed scouting sheets
  • Had good inter-team dynamic
  • Organized
  • Pre-scouted


  • Not scouting matches
  • Didn't record matches
  • Scouting sheet on one computer
  • Only one scouting team

Notes: While we did well with scouting, it could have gone off much better. We made some mistakes by accidentally scouting teams in the other division and not watching matches when we should have.



  • Eventually got into a groove
  • 🔥🔥Darshan's sick beats🔥🔥
  • Emphasized MXP
  • We were entertaining


  • Messed up the intro
  • Not about past achievements
  • Transition timing
  • Only one scouting team

Notes: We need to work on the group dynamic and enthusiasm a bit more. As well, we're going to stick Darshan under the cart so he can pop out with those 🔥🔥sick beats🔥🔥.



  • Need to make a reveal video
  • Need to advertise on social media
  • Design booth for super-regionals
  • Write more blog posts
  • Promote & Outreach videos
  • Banner holder designs

Design & Programming:

  • Fix robot shooting accuracy
  • Replace erasers with silicone
  • Cap the ball
  • Robot vision
  • Build 2nd spinner
  • Model the robot

Date | March 2, 2017