Packing lists

Tags: Organization
Personhours: 10
Packing lists By Lin, Janavi, Ethan, Omar, and Evan

Task: Get prepped for the trip

Every post I write about organization seems to start off talking about how Iron Reign hasn't had the best track record with this sort of thing in the past, but we try anyways. So, like always, we're trying to get everything put together that we can: journals, presentations, props, pit setups, etc. Tools are a little more organized than normal because I'm obsessively trying to make sure nothing important gets lost in these last practices. Batteries have been checked for internal resistance, freshely labeled, and the battery box has more USB ports for our dozen phones. Even the Powerpole box showed up again, back from hiding inside another box across the room...


The tent materials are already pretty much together, but we need to clear off the two rolling carts and put together everything for the front setups. None of that is going to be used in practice so we're free to stage it for packing. I think we'll be needing a larger box for judging props, everything can rest inside, but we can't close it up. Longer travel distance means we'll need a sturdier method. The battery box is pretty self contained already, and the Container Store chest of drawers has miraculously remained in use, so we won't be scrambling to pack tools that people are using up until the load. I'm worried about the journal printouts and the control award honestly, I'm going to print all new posts at home on Monday and then punch them into our binder. If i can find someone free then I'll enlist them to add detail and diagrams to our Control Award writeup. Rise of Hepheastus 4216 was a huge help with Control! They gave us an idea of how much to write, and we would still be a little lost without them.

Date | March 18, 2017