Intake Stars

Tags: design, innovate, and think
Personhours: 3
Intake Stars By Tycho

Task: Improve the functionality of the gripper

Our grabber is good, but it isn't achieving 100% of the potential it could. One thing we're doing is creating the Grabber V.5 previously blogged about, but we also want to increase the speed of the grabber in other ways, in order to get every single bit of performance out of our robot, since we want to really impress at Supers. So, we designed star-grabbers. The purpose of these are twofold. First, the unique star design we made allows the gripper to fish single blocks out of a pile of blocks so that we no longer have to fully align ourselves with blocks, which reduces the time we spend retrieving blocks. As well, these grab blocks more securely.

Next Steps:

The next step is to mount the modified grabber system with the stars on the newer Kraken chassis.

Date | February 18, 2018