Kraken LED Modes

Tags: Control
Personhours: 2
Kraken LED Modes By Tycho and Janavi

Task: Attach and Code LEDs

We added LED's to Kraken's base. After that, we coded the lights to change color depending on which mode we are in. Though a small addition, it helps take stress off of our drivers. By glancing at the robot, they can immediately tell what mode we're in and can adjust accordingly. It also keeps us from making an crucial mistakes like activating our autonomous for blue alliance when we're on red.

  • Cyan - End-game mode, changes control scheme to support relic arm control. Resets forward direction so drivers can think of relic gripper as forward. Enables automatic balancing mode.
  • Magenta - Glyph-scoring mode for higher rows. Reverses which way motors are and slows down motors.
  • Blue/Red = Blue or red depending on alliance. Regular driver mode, collects glyphs for lower columns.
Here is Kraken in end-game mode:

Date | March 12, 2018