Motor Constants and Future Plans

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Motor Constants and Future Plans By Ethan

Task: Find constants for the motors for future calculations

In order to better predict how our robot will work, we first need to find a few constants to do calculations. Luckily, our school has an engineering class, so many of us have the skillset to do these calculations.

The base data we needed was:

NeverRest 40s:
&tab;160 rpm\16.755 rad/sec
&tab;369 oz-in\2.6057 Nm

NeverRest 60s:
&tab;105 rpm\10.996 rad/sec
&tab;593 oz-in\4.188 Nm

REV Servos:
&tab;.14 s/60°\7.143 rpm\.748 rad/sec
&tab;187.8 oz-in\1.326 Nm

Next Steps:

We are going to record these variables using the calculations or by video analysis next:

  • Mass of robot
  • Acceleration curve
  • Max speed
  • Max turning speed
  • Center of gravity
  • Chain speed on gripper-flipper mechanism and drivetrain
  • Gear ratios of gripper and drivetrain
  • Bungee elasticity under various conditions
  • Torque of various motors on the robot

Date | March 20, 2018