Lab Planning

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Lab Planning By Ethan

Task: Design labs to find more physical properties of our robot

Lab #1: Batteries


  1. Obtain a fully charged REV battery - should say ~13V on our battery charger
  2. Record the voltage upon being plugged in to the robot
  3. Start a timer at the same time as drivers practice starts - this should be intensive practice
  4. When done driving, stop the timer and record the final voltage


Vi Vf Runtime(t) ΔV
Run 1
Run 2
Run 3

After recording the voltages, we will calculate ΔV=(vf-vi)/t for each run, hopefully totalling 10 runs so that we can safely use statistical analysis to calculate standard deviation and outliers for each battery. The purpose of this is to find our best batteries for use in competition as well as set a baseline for future batteries.

Lab #2: Videoanalysis


  1. Record videos of the robot accelerating to full speed and rotating at full speed
  2. Put the videos into LoggerPro
  3. Perform videoanalysis, finding the acceleration curve, max linear speed, and max angular speed


Vmax Wmax Amax

Next Steps

We will perform these labs on Saturday; as well, we will find the gear ratio numbers.

Date | March 28, 2018