Controller Mapping

Tags: control and software
Personhours: 1
Controller Mapping By Janavi

Task: Map the controller layout

At this point, we are training the next generation of the drivers on our team, and since we have so many buttons with so many different functions it can often become difficult for the new drivers to determine which button does what, so Karina and I created a map of the controller. By doing this, we not only assist others in determining what button they need to press to do what, but also help the coders in understanding the wants and needs of the drivers. This is because often times when we are coding we will set any function to any available button, just to test if it works. But oftentimes we don't change the button value after that and then there are either far too many buttons for the driver to easily control the robot, or the buttons are too far apart for easy access. Now, after creating this map the drivers were able to sit down together with the coders and map out the most effective controller in their minds together.

Next Steps:

We have planned that now as a part of our post-mortem discussion as well as discussion what could have been done to improve the robots functions as pertaining to code. We will also sit down and take out the controller map and determine if any of the buttons can be switched for easy driver control. This will not only lead to better, more efficient driving but will also lead to better communication between groups.

Date | April 2, 2018