Adjusting Garchomp's Chains

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Personhours: 70
Adjusting Garchomp's Chains By Janavi and Kenna

Task: Build the Chassis

In our last post, we thought that we had finished Garchomp. However, as we came back to the next practice, we realized that Garchomp's chains were incorrectly linked.

So, we started to diagnose the problem. We noticed that the old REV rails we were using had dents in them, which caused the motors to shift, therefore causing the chains to come off the gears.

To amend this problem, we decided to replace the REV rails ensuring that the motors would not shift during movement. To accomplish this we:

  • First, we loosened all of the screws on the current bar, carefully slid it out, and replaced it with new bars
  • Then we fixing all of the chains and confirming that each of them were individually working
  • we re-attached all of the cables to the robot
  • Ran a stress-tester program and hung the robot on a hook to allow us to properly observe the wheels
Due to our tests we discovered that our wheels were running at different speeds, meaning that our robot constantly moved in circles. After checking that the motors were working, we discovered that it was our encoder cables that were plugged in wrong. After that, Garchomp began to run smoothly.

Next Steps

We will run more stress tests on our robot and make sure that it is up to par with our past robots.

Date | August 18, 2018