Rover Ruckus Strategy

Tags: think
Personhours: 1
Rover Ruckus Strategy By Ethan, Kenna, Charlotte, Evan, Abhi, Justin, Karina, and Aaron

Task: Determine the best Rover Ruckus strategies

Challenge Game Timing Points Level of Difficulty (1 - 3 [hard]) Priority Idea
Landing Autonomous 30 2 Medium Latch attached to linear slides that allows us to descend rapidly
Claiming Autonomous 15 1 High Autonomous, easy as bumping into wall
Parking Autonomous 10 1 High Autonomous, just need to move
Sampling Autonomous 25 2 Medium Autonomous, OpenCV solution as in similar years
Latching End Game 50 3 High 3D-printed latch attached to linear slide strong enough to lift robot
Robot in Crater End Game 15/25 1 High Driving
Mining [Depot] Tele-Op 2 per item 1 High Rolling intake into box, then conveyor belt into the depot
Mining [Cargo] Tele-Op 5 per item 2 High Long linear-slide arm that reaches the two feet into the lander with an intake/deposit on the end

Date | September 10, 2018