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Meeting Log November 03, 2018 By Ethan, Charlotte, Evan, Janavi, Kenna, Karina, Justin, Arjun, Abhi, and Bhanaviya

Meeting Log November 03, 2018

Today's Meet Objectives

So, we have one week before our first tournament. This isn't great. As you can see on our last blog post, we didn't do amazingly at the scrimmage. So, we have a lot of work to do.

Today's Meet Log

First and foremost, we have to work on our presentation. So, we did an hour-long presentation runthrough to ensure all team members had the content down.

Also necessary for a good tournament is the journal. We've had a consistent 10-20 post backlog since the season started, and we've finally started cutting into it. At my current count, we're down to 7 posts left. So, we're making considerable progress on this front. Ethan already finished our strategic plan earlier this week, so all we have left is to write the blurbs and retag our posts, something we'll do on Monday.

Finally, in order to compete, we have to have a robot. Now, we have a robot, but it isn't really working. So, Evan and Karina worked on mounting an intake system, as well as reinforcing the center lever. This will ensure that the robot can actually score by the tournament.

On the code side, Abhi found the coefficients for PID so that he can start autonomous. As well, he started merging SDK 4.2 with our 15k-line base of legacy code so that we can take advantage of TensorFlow. On that note, we discovered that SDK 4.2 comes with mineral detection out of the box with TensorFlow - something that we've been working on since kickoff.

Finally, we have some good news. Iron Reign has official adopted its first new member of the season: Bhanaviya Venkat. Stay tuned for her first blog post later this week.

Today's Work Log

Team MembersTaskStart TimeDuration
EthanPresentation\Journal2:004 hrs
CharlotteBlog Backlog2:004 hrs
KennaBlog Backlog2:004 hrs
JanaviBigWheel Arm2:004 hrs
ArjunBlog Backlog2:004 hrs
KarinaBigWheel2:004 hrs
AbhiAutonomous2:004 hrs
EvanBlog Backlog2:004 hrs
Justin3D Modelling2:004 hrs
BhanviyaOnboarding2:004 hrs
Date | November 3, 2018