Conrad Qualifier Post Mortem - Long Term

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Conrad Qualifier Post Mortem - Long Term By Ethan

What could have gone better?

This is a document for analyzing what we can do better, not just what went wrong at the Conrad qualifier. The format of this will be in issue > solution format.


  • Lack of tools and parts
    • Pack tools the week before - involves better organization overall
    • Bring failsafes & extra parts - prevents costly errors
  • Little presentation practice
    • Cut down powerpoint - optimally 8 minutes
    • More practice - seamless transition
    • Order - we need to tell a story
  • Journal prep
    • Same issue - we need to organize the journal to tell a story
    • Lack of images - backdate images in blog posts
    • Lack of diagrams - explanatory
    • Lack of continuity - link posts together to show how components of team have changed
    • Need to write real control award


  • Autonomous
    • No autonomous - need to have functional autonomous
  • TeleOp
    • Robot easily breaks - need to create presets to prevent


  • Lift
    • Lift linear slide broke - need to redesign with new linear slides
  • Intake
    • Intake did not actually move - need to reattach motors


  • Presentation
    • Map slides to articles in journal
    • Review judging rubrics

Date | November 20, 2018