Selecting Intake System

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Selecting Intake System By Janavi

Objective: Determine the type of intake system that will allow us to efficiently obtain and deposit minerals within the lander

In our post "Selecting Lift System" we decided that the linear slide system that we will use is the MGN12H rails also referenced to as the Ball-Bearing slides. These slides while heavy provide the smoothest option. now that we have chosen the Lift system we need to determine the intake system that will allow us to take in two minerals and deposit them in the most efficient way possible. Throughout this season already we have been experimenting with different types of intake systems as seen in posts like "Pool noodle intake" and "Selective Intake" and "Scoring Mechanism"

Intake System needs according to game
  • Collect only two minerals
  • Sort between silver and gold minerals

What we want our linear slide to have
  • Light Weight
  • Speed of intake mechanism
  • Sturdy
  • Easy to fix and maintain in case of emergency
  • Small in size

Passive Deposit vs Passive Intake

Pros Cons
Passive Deposit Faster intake Could be unreliable if not positioned correctly
Passive Intake More accurate Harder to intake and therefore we score less

Intake Mechanism Material / Shape

Pros Cons
Ice Cube Tray Compliant and smooth Not a far reach
Surgical Tubing Farther reach Possibility of missing minerals due to sporadic behavior of surgical tubing
Pot holder Brings in minerals Not far reach and too compliant
Octopuckers ( from last year's season ) Experience with using material Too stiff and not far enough reach
Date | December 20, 2018