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Meeting Log December 22, 2018 By Charlotte, Ethan, Janavi, Bhanaviya, Evan, Arjun, and Abhi

Meeting Log December 22, 2018

Today's Meet Objectives

Our goals for today include a battery box, repair and improvement of our intake system, and organization.

Today's Meet Log

  • Intake redesign
  • On the robot, we are resizing the intake system as a whole so that it folds in completely and fits within the 18 by 18 sizing requirement. Our biggest focus today was on our intake system, notably building a system that deposits the minerals. We plan to create the system out of polycarb, but first we are prototyping with cardboard. There are two versions we have prototyped so far, as you can see below.

    Version 1: too wide and the triangle flaps were improperly cut so the edges interfere with the intake

    Version 2: fixes problems above, with the hypotenuse of the triangular flaps on the main part of the carrier
  • Tournament organization
  • Ethan made a battery box out of an orange REV starter kit and sawed some wood to fit snuggly in order to have some dividers. Finally we drilled a hole in the side for the power strip cord.
  • Neural network training
  • Arjun is working on our neural network for which we need to capture more training data. He is creating a program that will have the robot take pictures & capture the data we need as it drives. We had a bare-bones autonomous for the qualifier, so over the break we want to revamp our autonomous so that we can incorporate the neural network we are training more effectively. To see more about our vision training, see (E-28, CNN Training Program).

    Today's Member Work Log

    Team MembersTaskStart TimeDuration
    ArjunNeural network data collection2:001
    EvanBuild & Prototyping2:001
Date | December 22, 2018