Teammember Statistics Update

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Teammember Statistics Update By Ethan

Task: Look at the commitment changes over time of our team

It's a new year! And, with this new year comes new tournaments, new experiences, new projects, and more. But, to grow, one must reflect. Iron Reign's had a pretty big year, from going to Worlds to the prospect of a new MXP. And, while we can't analyze every possible aspect of the team, we can look at our stats page and differences from last year to this year.

We aren't amazing at keeping an archive of our team hours and such, so I had to pull these statistics from The first archived version of the page in 2018 was from Feb. 14.

As of today, our stats page displays this.

Finally, the statistics page at the beginning of the season looked like this.

And, the differences between each are below.

Next Steps

Iron Reign wishes y'all a Happy New Year! We wish to see progress among us all in these coming months.

Date | January 1, 2019