Debug OpenCV Errors

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Debug OpenCV Errors By Arjun

Task: Use black magic to fix errors in our code

We implemented OpenCV support in our code, but we hadn’t tested it until now. Upon testing, we realized it didn't work.

The first problem we found was that Vuforia wasn’t reading in our frames. The queue which holds Vuforia frames was always empty. After making lots of small changes, we realized that this was due to not initializing our Vuforia correctly. After fixing this, we got a new error.

The error message changed, meaning that we fixed one problem, but there was another problem hiding behind it. The new error we found was that our code was unable to access the native OpenCV libraries, namely it could not link to Unfortunately, we could not debug this any further.

Next Steps

We need to continue debugging this problem and find the root cause of it.

Date | January 3, 2019