Research Poster

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Research Poster By Janavi and Ethan

Task:Create a Poster amalgamating all of our math

Throughout this season our team has completed various calculations from the torque of our robotics arm, to the speed of the wheels. Since these calculations are spread throughout our journal, we decided to amalgamate them into a single poster that is easy for us to refer to. In this poster we have calculations for

  • Torque/ Gear Ratios
    • Intake Arm Torque
      • (Robot Manual)
    • Wheel Gear Ratios and Speed Calculations
      • (E-132, Intake Speed )
      • (E-52, Linear Slide Lift)
    • Elbow Torque and Gear Ratios
      • (Robot Manual)
    • Superman Torque and Gear Ratios
      • (E-95,Superman Calculations)
    • Superman Gear Material Calculations
      • (E-95,Superman Calculations)
  • Friction Tests
    • (E-59,Friction Coefficient and Energy)
    • Coefficient of Friction of Silicone Intake
      • (E-59,Friction Coefficient and Energy)
  • Material Testing
    • Linear Deformities with Nylon
      • (E-62,Linear Nylon Strength Test)
    • Linear Deformities with ABS
    • Linear Deformities with PLA

Date | February 15, 2019