Off-Schedule Meeting Log - Week before Regionals

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Off-Schedule Meeting Log - Week before Regionals February 19, 2019 By Ethan, Evan, Jose, Charlotte, Karina, and Justin

Meeting Log February 19, 2019

It's the week before Regionals, so the house is a flurry of activity - all hands are on deck for every possible facet of the team.


The week started out with three projects. Justin worked on the robot model, taking measurements for the intake and putting the assembly together for six hours, completing the model. Just as he left, Ethan started the editorial review. The goal of the review was to develop a more cohesive journal, a journal that could easily be flipped through. The list of tasks created from this session are below. In addition to this, Ethan worked on making an LED hat for the tournament.

Editorial Review Listing

  • Unbury $150k grant post, make title "major grant to fund replacement of vehicle" + fix receiving + remove last sentence
  • Add Ben, Jose headshots to organization slide
  • Replace townview qualifier photo
  • Add Microsoft section to stem expo post
  • Add motivate tag, remove connect from drive testing at stem expo
  • Remove all motivate from connect table of contents
  • Bold totals in the iron reign grants post
  • Fix pulley spacers image
  • Fix broken image last meetinglog
  • Remove connect posts from motivate table
  • Add to stem spark post
  • Post summary of motivate and connect 2x
  • Add letters to presentation tabs to indicate award
  • Change decisions to priorities in presentation
  • Remove center photo collector system in presentation
  • Delete slide 38 with wordcloud in presentation
  • Remove what we need help with slide
  • Make text bigger on Connect summary slide, add totals in title in red
  • Update journal summary
  • Make a latch retrospective post
  • Post about rebuilding elbow
  • Fix Woodrow Code blog post
  • Add articulation and drive enhancement posts
  • Make post about bearings in linear slide


  • Battery Mount
  • Evan worked on a battery mount for the robot. While drive testing, we had found that the battery and camera would fall out under extreme conditions, so we decided to create a new one. Evan cut battery "corners" out of polycarb and mounted them together, ensuring that the battery would stay static in every match.
  • Editorial Review 2
  • Ethan wrote new posts on the history of the latch, the rebuilding of the elbow, connect and motivate summaries, and fixed the above issues from the editorial review. In addition, we rewrote the summary, as we found that it would be heavily considered in Regional judging. Charlotte uploaded old meeting logs.
  • Driver Practice
  • Karina, Justin, and Jose practiced driving the robot. We discovered that the robot latches extremely well with the new hook and that the autonomous delatch works. We also tested the articulation, or poses, of our robot. The only issue that popped up was when the robot moves into deposit mode, it tips toward the side with linear slides, but Karina discovered that if she drives the robot forward at the same time, she can ram the robot into the correct position. Karina got to 4-5 cycles per match with the new updates. This practice was a way to test the strength of our robt - we've had our robot break under stressful situations previously - and this time nothing broke. The biggest issue was that a servo wire on our intake came unplugged, but even with that, our robot still worked.
  • Model Articulation
  • Justin took the last measurements for the model of our robot, then started to take pictures of the articulations we made in the code.
  • Hat
  • We finished the light-up LED hat.


  • Driver Practice and Autonomous
  • Karina and Abhi worked on the robot. Karina gave advice for improving our robot's articulations to Abhi, who proceeded to fix the code for better driver practice. Abhi also worked on delatch in autonomous, reversing the autonomous driver enhancement code and taking data from Karina's testing. We discovered one new issue with our robot, that the gearkeepers for Superman pop out of alignment after about 100 uses. All we need to do is realign them, and they'll be back to full functionality.
  • Control Award
  • Arjun continued writing the Control Award submission, adding in the new articulations and poses of the driver enhancements. Janavi created state diagrams for the code to add to the submission.

Date | February 19, 2019