Road to Worlds Document

Tags: think, design, control, and innovate
Personhours: 22
Road to Worlds Document By Ethan, Charlotte, Evan, Karina, Janavi, Jose, Ben, Justin, Arjun, Abhi, and Bhanaviya

Task: Consider what we need to do in the coming months

ROAD TO WORLDS - What we need to do



  • New social media manager (Janavi/Ben) and photographer (Ethan, Paul, and Charlotte)


ENGINEERING JOURNAL: - Charlotte, Ethan, & all freshmen


  • Big one - freshmen get to start doing a lot more


  • Engineering section revamp
    • Decide on major subsystems to focus on
      • Make summary pages and guides for judges to find relevant articles
    • Code section
      • Finalize state diagram
        • Label diagram to refer to the following print out of different parts of the code
      • Create plan to print out classes
      • Monthly summaries
    • Meeting Logs
      • Include meeting planning sessions at the beginning of every log
        • Start doing planning sessions!
      • Create monthly summaries
    • Biweekly Doodle Polls
      • record of supposed attendance rather than word of mouth
    • Design and format revamping
      • Start doing actual descriptions for blog commits
      • More bullet points to be more technical
      • Award highlights [Ethan][Done]

Page numbers [Ethan][Done]

      • Awards on indexPrintable [Ethan][Done]
    • Irrelevant/distracting content
      • Packing list
      • Need a miscellaneous section
        • content
    • Details and dimensions
      • Could you build robot with our journal?
      • CAD models
      • More technical language, it is readable but not technical currently
  • Outreach
    • More about the impact and personal connections
    • What went wrong
    • Make content more concise and make it convey our message better



  • Making a new robot - All build team (Karina & Jose over spring break)


    • Need to organize motors (used, etc)
    • Test harness for motors (summer project)
  • Re-do wiring -Janavi and Abhi
  • Elbow joint needs to be redone (is at a slight angle) - Justin/Ben
    • 3D print as a prototype
      • Cut out of aluminum
    • Needs to be higher up and pushed forward
    • More serviceable
      • Can’t plug in servos
  • Sorter -Evan, Karina, and Justin
    • Sorter redesign
  • Intake -Evan, Karina, Abhi, Jose
    • Take video of performance to gauge how issues are happening and how we can fix
    • Subteam to tackle intake issues
  • Superman -Evan and Ben
    • Widen superman wheel
  • Lift
    • Transfer police (1:1 to 3:4)
    • Larger drive pulley
      • Mount motors differently to make room
  • Chassis -Karina and a freshman
    • Protection for LED strips
    • Battery mount
    • Phone mount
    • Camera mount
    • New 20:1 motors
    • Idler sprocket to take up slack in chain (caused by small sprocket driving large one)
  • CAD Model

CODE TEAM: -Abhi and Arjun

  • add an autorecover function to our robot for when it tips over
    • it happened twice and we couldn’t recover fast enough to climb
  • something in the update loop to maintain balance
    • we were supposed to do this for regionals but we forgot to do it and we faced the consequences
  • fix IMU corrections such that we can align to field wall instead of me eyeballing a parallel position
  • use distance sensors to do wall following and crater detection
  • auto paths need to be expanded such that we can avoid alliance partners and have enough flexibility to pick and choose what path needs to be followed
    • In both auto paths, can facilitate double sampling
  • Tuning with PID (tuning constants)
  • Autonomous optimization


  • Driving Logs
    • everytime there is driving practice, a driver will fill out a log that records overall record time, record time for that day, number of cycles for each run, and other helpful stats to track the progress of driving practice
  • actual driving practice lol
  • Multiple drive teams



  • Pit setup
    • Clean up tent and make sure we have everything to put it together
    • Activities
      • Robotics related
    • Find nuts and bolts based on the online list
  • Helping other teams
  • Posters
  • Need a handout
  • Conduct in pits - need to be focused
  • MXP or no?
  • Spring break - who is here and what can we accomplish
  • Scouting


Date | March 2, 2019