Code Refactor

Tags: think, control, software, and organization
Personhours: 4
Code Refactor By Abhi and Arjun

Task: Code cleanup and season analysis

At this point in the season, we have time to clean up our code before development for code. This is important to do now so that the code remains understandable as we make many changes for worlds.

There aren't any new features that were added during these commits. In total, there were 12 files changed, 149 additions, and 253 deletions.

Here is a brief graph of our commit history over the past season. As you can see, there was a spike during this code refactor.

Here is a graph of additions and deletions over the course of the season. There was also another spike during this time as we made changes.

Next Steps

Hopefully this cleanup will help us on our journey to worlds.

Date | March 8, 2019