VEX 393 Motor Testing

Tags: think, innovate, and design
Personhours: 16
VEX 393 Motor Testing By Jose, Cooper, Aaron, and Janavi

Task: Test VEX Motor 393 as a faster servo for intake

We need to speed up our intake to spend less time in the crater collecting minerals. We can accomplish this using VEX 393 Motors with high speed gears integrated, these motors are great since they count as servos, not motors. In terms of progress, this is what we did:

  • Tested VEX Motor 393 with servo cable on BigWheel
  • Resoldered XT-30 for servo power injector cable
  • Built new cable for servo power injector
  • Did research on VEX Motor 393 Controller to find out how it works
  • Replaced gears of VEX Motor 393 with high speed gears
  • Researched how to troubleshoot VEX Motor Controllers
We are having issues implementing these motors onto BigWheel and our troubleshooting efforts did not suffice our needs.

Next Steps

We need to plan how to replace the servos on the intake with the VEX 393 Motors and test their functionality.

Date | March 13, 2019