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Meeting Log March 22, 2019 By Bhanaviya, Janavi, Abhi, Arjun, Ben O, Paul, Ben B, and Cooper

Meeting Log March 22, 2019

Today's Meet Objectives


Objective Summary

Over the course of today’s meet, we plan to create new axle pieces for the big wheels of the new robot, calculate torque for Superman, improve articulations, and create a reveal video for Mini Mech.

Today's Work Log

  • Create new axle-holders
  • Cooper and Ben B worked on creating new axle for the big wheels of the new chassis. Since we replaced gear keepers last meet, we will need to have axle pieces that can support the weight of the new gear keepers and the wheel. Ben worked on soldering the pieces while Cooper helped ensure that the pieces had enough room to be mounted on the chassis.
  • Improve articulations
  • Abhi, Arjun and Ben O worked on merging all of the Pull Requests that they have made over the past few weeks, ensuring that they work together with each other and the existing code base. They also refactored our Articulation code to make it easier to use and understand. Additionally, they added support for State Space Controllers. State Space Controllers are advanced control loops which perform complex linear algebra over input matrices to find outputs. These can be used to make our articulations more efficient, as well as help with balancing on two wheels.
  • Calculate torque for Big Wheel 2.0
  • Janavi worked on calculating torque for the different subsystems of the new robot. Since Superman has had some balancing issues in the past, calculating torque and understanding its degrees of freedom will enable us to ensure that its center of gravity is stable. She also calculated the torque for the lift to ensure that the linear slides don’t extend too far out and cause the robot to tip over.
  • Create a reveal video for mini-mech
  • Paul created a reveal video for Mini-Mech. Since Mini-Mech played an essential role in us choosing our wheels and chassis design, it was only ideal to acknowledge its existence with a reveal video of its own. This video will also come in handy when attempting to see just how out iterative our design process has been.

Today's Work Log

Team Members Task Start Time Duration
All Planning Meeting 5:15 .15
Janavi Calculate torque for new design 5:30 3
Bhanaviya Meeting Log 5:30 3
Abhi Improve articulations 5:30 3
Arjun Improve articulations 5:30 3
Ben O Improve articulations 5:30 3
Cooper Create new axle-holders 5:30 3
Ben B Create new axle-holders 5:30 3
Paul Create mini-mech reveal video 5:30 3
Date | March 22, 2019