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Meeting Log March 23, 2019 By Charlotte, Ethan, Bhanaviya, Karina, Jose, Justin, BenB, BenO, Arjun, Cooper, Paul, Abhi, Janavi, and Aaron

Meeting Log March 23, 2019

Today's Meet Objectives


Objective Summary

Today, our main goal is to finish the chassis of our new robot, as well as identifying and fixing the error in our code that stops the OP mode that lets the intake extend into the crater.

Today's Work Log

  • New robot chassis build
  • Justin, Ben B, and Jose installed the axle mounts (which have finished printing and being welded) and the second wheel). We installed the drive motors, fully assembled, and put together the drive change. Our chassis is complete except for the Superman arm, as those parts we started printing today. The print broke because the printer was on the wrong setting, rather than setting a base, the print pulled up. The new print should be finished in time to do the assembly of superman during the week.
    Chassis before installation of drive motors
    Ben B cutting the main drive shaft
  • Sorter assembly for old BigWheel
  • In order to do drive practice with our old robot, Aaron and Cooper did some fixes to the intake for it to be functional again. While this is not the sorter we will use on our new BigWheel, so we can get some much-needed drive practice next week.
    Cooper with the sorter pre-assembly
  • Identify and fix code error
  • The code team has been trying to identify a code error since yesterday so that they can continue fine-tuning autonomous and the robot won't malfunction while deploying in the crater. We also need this part of the code to work for drive practice that we hope to get next week. After some thorough searching, they found the error to stem from a missing break function that was supposed to occur between the case for deploying and for reverse driving.
    Arjun looking for the error
  • Robot manual and team summary
  • Ethan worked on the robot manual, which is a brief but incredibly detailed guide of the subsystems on our robot. This will be put in our journal for the judges to read. We also updated the team summary to make it more concise so it is more easily digestible for the judges. Finally, we made a fold out for our journal to show the judges our outreach in a succinct manner.

Today's Member Work Log

Team MembersTaskStart TimeDuration
AllPlanning Meeting2:10pm.25
Date | March 23, 2019