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Tags: engineering and design
Personhours: 8
Meeting Log March 28, 2019 By Cooper and Evan

Meeting Log March 28, 2019

Today's Meet Objectives

Objective Summary

Fix camera mount, attach lift motors, make custom cables for the drive motors, and forge the hook

Today's Work Log

  • Fix camera mount on BigWheel
  • We've had a problem for while where the camera on BigWheel gets loose, and falls out. Cooper decided that a clamp, like the one we had before, just better executed. Cut out of a spare piece of 4 mm Polycarb, and tightened by a m3 screw, it holds the camera in place without even the slightest wiggle. This will help keep our vision more consistent.
  • Mounting elbow motor
  • Evan in the time being mounted the lift elbow motors on Icarus. This means we can start to make the arms.
  • Make custom Cables for Icarus drive motors
  • Cooper worked on cutting down the motor cables of the Andy mark motors used for driving. This will help keep clutter down from how bad it was on BigWheel
  • Forging new hook
  • Evan and Cooper worked on forging a new hook. It took two iterations, as the first became brittle and snapped, but the second one was fine. This new hook will go on Icarus, and will allow us to practice sooner
Date | March 28, 2019