Wiring Icarus

Tags: Design and Innovate
Personhours: 12
Wiring Icarus By Jose, Abhi, Evan, and Aaron

Task: Wire Icarus to be functional and move utilizing code

With the construction of Icarus nearing completion we need to start connecting wires from the motors and servos to the REV Expansion Hubs before it becomes impossible to do so.

  • As soon as the expansion hub were placed on the chassis, servo wire extenders were connected before anything blocked us from doing so
  • We used custom sized wires to avoid a mess of wires that were way too long
  • We connected all the motors and servos in the same configuration as we had on BigWheel to keep everything consistent and make coding Icarus easier

Despite our preemptive measure we encountered several problems when testing Icarus using tele-op control:

  • The polarities on the wires were reversed and this couldn't be fixed in code as the encoder values would be affected by this
  • There was a lot more lag than usual on Icarus, this affected the intake arm as its movement is time-based
  • The speed of the wheels were a lot faster now that we are using a different gear ratio and motor, however unlike the other problems, this can be fixed in code

Next Steps

We need to reverse the polarities on all the motor cables and try the fix the lag and speed issue with code.

Date | April 1, 2019