MXP Expansion

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MXP Expansion By Ethan

Task: Plan the next stage of the MXP

In post B-7, we announced that BigThought received $150k on our behalf for the creation of a new MXP. Now, we've created a tentative floorplan for the new RV. The new RV will have these programs\features:

  • Voice recording booth
  • Green-screen - recording video
  • 3D printers - keychains
  • Laptops - 3D printing, EV3 coding
  • EV3s - sumo bots

As well, the new RV will have two new slideouts, allowing for 20+ children to board safely. As well, the RV will be extended by 5', allowing for more space and a dedicated area to hold equipment.

Next Steps

Next, we need to create a full 3D model of the new MXP to send back to BigThought.

Date | April 2, 2019