UIL 2019 Postmortem

Tags: think and design
Personhours: 14
UIL 2019 Postmortem By Ethan, Charlotte, Evan, Janavi, Beno, Benb, Bhanaviya, Abhi, Arjun, Jose, Aaron, Paul, Cooper, and Justin

Task: Reflect on what we did correctly and incorrectly at UIL

Pit & Packing & Roles

  • Pack more robot parts - didn't have enough to repair Superman arm
  • Pack more tools - needed soldering iron to repair voltmeter
  • Better organizational system - we couldn't find tools easily
  • Need handouts - see tokens post
  • Need team visibility - get shirts for freshmen, get people in stands
  • Need responsibility for clean pit - messy pit made robots repairs much harder
  • Need preassigned roles for team members on game day - reduce confusion
  • Need better scouting system - use Google Forms and live scouting

Robot & Game

  • Need to repair Superman arm - gears stripped in match; will replace with metal gears
  • Need to install linear slide belt protector - belts got stuck on lander
  • Intake needs to be clear - remove friction tape
  • Need to reduce sorter bar in intake - reduces visibility
  • Need driver practice - reduce simple errors
  • Need auto setup practice - reduce simple errors
  • Need new team marker - old one did not fit in intake


  • Need to enhance lights system for teleOp - better driver knowledge
  • Need to calibrate anti-tipping method - not adapted for Icarus
  • Need to slow crater-side auto - prevent crater parking mishaps
  • Need to calibrate depot-side auto - options when working with other teams
  • Need to find Superman-linear slide equation - easier articulations
  • Need to simplify controls - automate intake, deposit for driver accessibility

Date | April 7, 2019