Machining Gears for Superman

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Machining Gears for Superman By Ethan and Justin

Task: Machine replacement gears for Superman

Shortly after creating the new Tetrix gear system, we got a response from one of the CNC shops we'd reached out to, offering to machine the 15 and 125-tooth REV gears from the STEP files. So, we took the Superman system off of our old robot, BigWheel, and sent some of the broken 15-tooth gears from UIL.

In response, the shop sent us the new gears the next day, with added modifications for mounting the gears onto REV extrusion. These gears will make the arm much stronger, making it more robust and able to withstand the shear pressure on the teeth.

Next Steps

We need to mount the gears and test them to ensure stability.

Date | April 8, 2019