Ninja Flex Intake V2

Tags: think, design, and innovate
Personhours: 27
Ninja Flex Intake V2 By Jose, BenB, Karina, Evan, Abhi, Ethan, Charlotte, and Aaron

Task: Design, implement, and test a newer version of the ninja flex intake

The new ninja flex intake is good, but it has room for improvement. One issue is that it is too big and minerals have some problems entering the intake tray, Another issue is that the spacing of intake gears is too much and cuases minerals to be intaked slower. We fixed this by using smaller intake gears and using six of them instead of five. After replacing them we could test the new and improved intake. Results showed a much faster intake speed with an average intake time of 1-2 seconds. This was a major improvement and most likely the intake's final iteration.

Next Steps

Now with a finished intake we can drive test to see its functionality in a real match.

Date | April 9, 2019