DPRG RoboRama Prep

Tags: connect and motivate
Personhours: 8
DPRG RoboRama Prep By Jose and Paul

Task: Prepare for the DPRG RoboRama Competition

Tomorrow Iron Reign is to send out a team of two people to compete at the annual DPRG RoboRama as well as demo Icarus, our competition robot. Our robot, fittingly name Iron Core(in remembrance), is to compete at the sumo wrestling portion of the competition. To do this we used an existing Lego EV3 sumo bot that we use for outreach and modified it with a 3D printed plow. As for code, we took the existing program of going forward and turning and going backwards after detecting the edge of the ring. We modified this code by adding a sensor to detect nearby robot by spinning until they are found, once located Iron Core will go full force towards the target in hopes of winning.

We also prepared Icarus for demonstration by tuning it as it has taken some damage from our previous competition. Some minor repairs were required but after just a few minutes Icarus was up and running again.

Date | May 10, 2019