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Meeting Log June 08, 2019 By Bhanaviya, Jose, Paul, Aaron, Ben, Evan, Trey, and Justin

Meeting Log June 08, 2019

Today's Meet Objectives

Over the course of today's meet,we will start prototyping potential gripper and drive systems to implement in a summer chassis project.

Brief summarization of today's objectives

Today's Work Log

  • Prototyping leg-drive
  • Aaron, Trey, Justin and Evan experimented with the leg drive system by prototyping leg propulsion with polycarb "legs". The polycarb pieces were drilled to form a rectangular shape which would extend and contract to propel the drive forwards. After creating the polycarb structures, they implemented rev rails and gears to "rev up" the leg drive system. It's still a prototype for now but it could be implemented into a chassis soon to test if the leg drive system can actually be made into a functioning model.

  • Experimenting with grippers
  • Jose and Ben tried out two different kinds of gripper systems. Jose prototyped a parallel gripper bar system. He used polycarb pieces to create the prototype. Two smaller vertical pieces of polycarb were attached onto a horizontal, larger strip to create the parallel gripper system. Ben implemented a loop gripper system onto a small base chassis with 2 omnis and 2 REV wheels. The loop gripper operates when the REV motor spins the gear sprocket attached to a carbon-fibre rod which causes the ziptied-loop to expand and contract accordingly.

  • 3D-Modelling and CAD Design
  • Paul modeled a bracket for leg drive. This past season, we have used this kind of bracket repeatedly - as such we decided to model it in the case that we choose to incorporate it in our design for the upcoming season.

Today's Work Log

Team MembersTaskStart TimeDuration
AllPlanning Meeting2:10pm.25
JoseParallel Gripper design2:004
Paul3D model a bracket2:004
BenLoop Gripper design2:004
AaronLeg-Drive prototype2:004
EvanLeg-Drive prototype2:004
TreyLeg-Drive prototype2:004
JustinLeg-Drive prototype2:004
BhanaviyaMeet Log2:004
Date | June 8, 2019