Online Planning Session

Tags: organization
Personhours: 15
Online Planning Session By Cooper, Trey, Bhanaviya, Ben, and Jose

Task: Brainstorm current and future plans on a google docs and try to switch to Trello

Tonight we set out to organize our thoughts and projects by laying them out on paper. We started out by listing major topics like 'presentation' and 'build'. From there we filled in with more specific things. Overall we had about 6 sections with 5-6 tasks each. This meant that we could easily import the information to Trello- a buisness organizing online service that Iron Reign tried to use last year. It failed due to the fact that we used it later in the season, so we hope by starting to use it earlier in the season this year will help. Now that we are using Trello, we can have it open such that people can always know what needs to be done.

One of the most notible things about the list is that we finally put down solidly which chassis we are working on, which is the Minimech (Frankendroid), the big mechanum chassis, and most intrestinly a round robot. The Minimech is already built and working, the big mechanum chassis is mostly done, which leaves us to start working most heavily on the round robot

Date | August 31, 2019