Modelling a Points System

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Modelling a Points System By Bhanaviya and Karina

Task: Model a points system for the Skystone Challenge

A couple hours ago, Iron Reign attended the reveal for the 2019-2020 FTC game - SKYSTONE. Since we intend to build a robot within the frame of this weekend, a points system will allow us to identify what specific parts of the challenge we'd need to solve first. It will also serve as a calculating tool for when we begin drive-testing.

The points system identifies every aspect of the autonomous, tele-op, and endgame respectively. By plugging in values for each aspect, we will be able to see how many points we will score in totoal within the frame of one round. Essentially, it is a scoring system but will prove useful for when we start looking for build and code specifics on our robot. It will also allow us to more effectively document our drive-testing, something which we are notorious for neglecting in the past.

Next Steps

Once we have a working prototype, we will begin using the points system during drive practise.

Date | September 7, 2019