Field Set-Up

Tags: organization
Personhours: 10
Field Set-Up By Trey, Bhanaviya, Ben, Jose, and Cooper

Task: Clean our work space and set up the field

Today we started preparing for the first meeting with the new recruits. Some of the things we set out to do were cleaning the robot room and assembling the new field for this year's challenge. All of the things we wanted to do had the common goal of making a safe and educational environment for the new recruits.

Before we started cleaning the robot room was a total mess and the main room was no better. Because the robot room is where the rookie teams work, we set out to clean that first. We tried to put away everything that could pose even the smallest danger like loose parts and tools. Even though we didn't make too much of an effort to organize because we knew it wouldn't have lasted long, we still made the room 100% safer. We also did the same for the main room. Finally, we also filmed the reveal video for the robot in 24 hours; however, that footage is still not edited.

To sum up, all we did on Friday afternoon was make the house more safe and clean and make some more start of season preparations.

Date | September 13, 2019