IronRoomba CAD

Tags: design
Personhours: 3
IronRoomba CAD By Ben

Task: Design a concept for a circular chassis

Concept of circular chassis

A challenge we face this year is running into other robots. Last year, it was possible to easily get around other robots; however, this year it will be difficult to get around other robots, as there will be a lot more cross traffic in the building zone.

Our solution to this is designing a circular chassis. This will allow us to brush other robots without getting caught. With this, we would be able to move quicker and accurately. We will construct a 17.5in circular chassis. It will be driven by 2 8-in wheels (ironton 8in. Solid Rubber Spoked Poly Wheel) with 2 sets of 4-60mm omnidirectional wheels on the front and back of the robot for stabalization.

Next Steps

Our next steps are to begin constuction of the circular chassis, which has now been named IronRoomba. We will begin this by creating a circular template, which will be 17.5in in diameter. We will then trace that shape onto a polycarbonate sheet and cut it out.

Date | September 28, 2019