Transition from Expansion Hub to Control Hub

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Transition from Expansion Hub to Control Hub By Jose and Cooper

Task: Discuss the transition from using the Expansion Hub to using the Control Hub

Over the past month we have used the control hub our robot in 24 hours, FrankenDriod. This was a great way to test its viability before implementing in onto our competition robot. We have already used the control hub at the REV test event where we were given a sample control hub to replace the existing expansion hub in our Rover Rockus bot. This proved the control hub to be much better than the expansion hub since there was no worry of a phone disconnect mid-match. This was no different on FrankenDriod, as we had less ping, didn't have to worry about a phone mount, and most important of all, we could push code to it via wifi. This is a useful feature since modifications to the bot's code can be done on the spot with no need for a wired connection. The only downside we see as of now is that an external webcam must be used for vision, this of course, is because we no longer have a phone to this. This is fine since we are used to using a camera for vision anyways so there is no difference there.

Next Steps

Considering that our team is one of the NTX teams who have received permission to beta-test a control hub at qualifiers, we will now use it on our current competition bot, Iron Roomba, especially since we have proven the control hub to be fully viable on a competition bot, having used FrankenDroid at the Hedrick Scrimmage.

Date | November 2, 2019