Capstone Version 3

Tags: design and innovate
Personhours: 4
Capstone Version 3 By Jose

Task: Design a minimalistic capstone that can be deployed by the stone gripper

This version of our capstone is to be 3D modeled and printed as well as be as compact as possible to be deployed by the gripper. The basic idea is that the capstone is flat while meeting the minimum size for length and width. The capstone will be an 'I' shape to fit around the nubs of a stone. From here a small beam will be attached on the hole which is extended out of the 'I' as shown above. This will be 3 inches long, making this capstone technically legal. This capstone is small enough to allow another capstone to be placed on top if needed.

Next Steps

We need to fully 3D model this capstone and change the bottom of the gripper so it can be deployed easily.

Date | November 30, 2019