Turret IMU Code

Tags: control
Personhours: 8
Turret IMU Code By Jose and Abhi

Task: Code some driver enhancements for the turret

With the return of the king(Abhi - an alumni of our team) we were able to make some code changes, mainly dealing with the turret and its IMU since that is our current weak point. At first we experimented with field-centric controls but then realized that for ease of driving the robot, turret-centric control are necessary. After a few lines of code using the turret's IMU, we were able to make the turret maintain its heading, as the chassis turn, so does the turret to maintain its position. This is useful because it will allow the driver to turn the chassis without having to turn the turret as well.

Next Steps

We must continue tuning the PID of the turret to allow for more stable and accurate articulations.

Date | December 22, 2019