Driver Optimization Developments 5/1

Tags: think and control
Personhours: 5
Driver Optimization Developments 5/1 By Cooper

Task: Improve driver optimizations

Today we worked on driver optimizations, since Justin was here. We changed around the controls for the arm to be more like the drivetrain and the D-pad on controller 1, with the left stick by controlling the elbow, the x controlling the turret, and y on the right stick to control the extension of the arm. This was cited to be more natural to the drivers than the previous setup. Then we tuned the PID values for the turret, while also reducing the dampener coefficient of the controller for the turret. Though here we ran into some issues with the dead zone rendering the entire axis of the given controller stick useless, but we shortly fixed it. There was also a problem with our rotateCardinal() method for the turret that we fixed by redoing our direction picking algorithms. Finally, I worked on tuning auto just a tad, but then had to leave.

Next Steps

Analyze more driver practice to get more concise controls for the driver, and finish auto.

Date | January 5, 2020