Finger Gripper Morph Chart

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Finger Gripper Morph Chart By Jose

Task: Create a morph chart to analyze all our 3-finger gripper versions so far in this season.

Just like with our gripper designs, we've also gone through a number of changes with our final gripper - the 3 Finger Gripper. This calls for one thing - a morph chart! A morph chart shows us the various subsystems of the 3-finger gripper as it went through its different stages of design. The left axis addresses each part of the gripper like its grip material, back fingers, front finger, and capstone deployer. The right axis shows the different versions of each component visually. Right now, we are at a whopping 4 versions of the same design with 3 grip materials, 3 back and front fingers, and 2 different capstone deployer designs. The latest version has REV Extrusions, a GoBilda plate for the fingers, a red silicon oven-mitts for the grip material (and for helping with the turkey, of course), and no capstone deployer just yet.

Next Steps

By putting all of our grippers in one chart, we can see how our gripper has evolved from its humble beginnings, and lets us see which ideas we could possibly recycle. To read about our comprehensive gripper morph chart, visit our article on Gripper Designs Morph Chart. As the finger-gripper undergoes more modifications, we will create another, more updated morph chart later on.

Date | January 10, 2020