Engineering Notebook Binder CAD

Tags: design
Personhours: 7
Engineering Notebook Binder CAD By Jose

Task: CAD an engineering notebook binder that is to be custom made

We want to utilize our new CNC as best as we possibly can. Since we plan to CNC the second version of our current robot TomBot for regionals, the only companion that could serve a CNC-ed robot is a CNC-ed engineering notebook! Plus an aluminum-plated journal would also help us emphasize the iron part of our name to the judges (hi there, if you're reading this!). The first step is to make a CAD file for this binder which is what we have shown above. The most custom part is the cover, it features our team logo, name, team number and even outline of our robot. As per GM1, we can have 2 engineering notebooks so we will make 2 custom notebooks, one that reads "Engineering Section" and another that reads "Team Section". We plan to use piano hinges to joint all the panels of the binder, use polycarbonate as pockets, and steal some binder rings from other binders to be used for these. The panels of the binder will be made of aluminum and the cover will be carved out using our CNC.

Next Steps

The outline of our robot, TomBot, may be changed in the future but other than that all we need is to CAM the binder CAD to be able to make it using our CNC. Once the journal is printed, all that's left to do is add the rings, panels, and pockets to the actual binder.

Date | January 20, 2020