Milling The Side Shields

Tags: design
Personhours: 25
Milling The Side Shields By Jose, Justin, Trey, Paul, and Shawn

Task: Mill the spicy side shields for the competition tomorrow

In typical Iron Reign fashion we are making our side shields the night before regionals, as with many other things. The paper side plates look too jank on our robot that we are trying to make look professional, so we are going to use aluminum instead (a post covering the CAD and CAM of these can be found in a previous post). Since we are still fairly new to using our CNC it took us a while to get started, we broke 8 3mm mills before any major portion of the first side plate was done. After a few hours we were able to complete the milling of the numbers which we can use to label things like CartBot. To finish quickly as we were getting impatient, we used a 6mm flat mill to do the outside contour, some loose placement of the aluminum led to it drifting as this final stage occurred, but overall it finished quite well! After all these hours of suffering we still had to mill a second one this took a while, but not as long since we were used to the procedure.

Next Steps:

All that's left is to show off these aluminum side plates tomorrow at regionals!

Date | February 14, 2020