Ring Launcher CAD Meet 3

Tags: design
Personhours: 4
Ring Launcher CAD Meet 3 By Jose

Task: Expand the ring launcher to begin accomadating for a controlled system of firing the rings

The first step in accomplishing this task is to expand the center aluminum plate to almost a complete semi-circle. From there the back of it was expanded to allow for a place for the rings to sit. Offsets were added to accomadate for any new walls that will be added. Finally, at the back is a place for a servo to be mounted, this servo will eventually be used to rotate rings into the flywheel.

In terms of the center shaft assembly, the goBilda hyperhubs were removed as there were unnecessary, however the holes made for them were kept, in case they are ever needed again. Spacers and bearing were added to allow for clearance and minimal friction.

Next Steps:

Finalize, the left side of the ring launcher, walls need to be added to prevent rings from falling off and a trigger needs to be attached to the servo to rotate rings into the flywheel.

Date | January 22, 2021