Ring Launcher CAD Meet 4

Tags: design
Personhours: 4
Ring Launcher CAD Meet 4 By Jose

Task: Finalize the ring launcher design

The main thing here is a huge wall on the left to guide rings to their resting position at the back of the ring launcher. But before that, the ring trigger needs to be made first, as it needs to be worked around. The trigger contours the ring perfectly by design, and only needs to rotate about 40 degrees to put a ring within contact of the flywheel. With that done, the guide wall was designed around it, encompassing the enitre left side and connecting to the back center.

The final step here is to create a better motor mount. This will be a seperate part that will then be attached where the original motor mount was. This is being done to more easily allow for the mount to be slotted: doing so lets the motor's position be shifted to keep the belt it drives as tight as possible.

Next Steps:

With the first iteration of the ring launcher design completed, it is ready to be manufacuted.

Date | January 23, 2021