Chassis Brainstorming

Tags: mechanical, innovate, and think
Personhours: 6
Chassis Brainstorming By Trey, Cooper, and Shawn

Task: Build a robot that can be adapted to any challenge

The new challenge is upon us and with a new challenge comes new robot designs. This year we have found that we are going to need to focus on the chassis of our robot more than ever. This is because the barrier to the warehouse is an important obstacle that we want to be able to climb or get around in order to score. The drawings and notes depicted below are the unfiltered notes that I took shortly after the discussions we had about chassis designs.

Next Steps:

The next steps here are to pick one or two of these designs and run with them. We need to build some prototypes of these fast before the first scrimmage or competition. I think the ones we are most likely to prototype in the coming weeks are the Flipin' tank, the tricycle, and the Flippin' bot. We're excited to see where these designs take us.

Date | October 2, 2021